What Our Clients Say

review-facebook   Martha – Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath – Anti-Wrinkle Injections

“I really hate needles and although I have wanted to have treatment for that big frown line between my eyes so finally I thought I’d give it ago. What an idiot, it hurt me less than having my eyebrows plucked. So now no more wrinkles and no dent! Thanks Dr Reddy”

review-google   Joan – Tullamore Dermal Fillers

“I knew that if this procedure worked, it would change my life … and it has! Thank-you!”

“I have suffered so long with embarrassing facial hair growth… having laser hair removal has been the best decision I ever made. It has been a god send.”

Connie – Roscommon
Laser Hair Removal

“The results from my laser hair removal treatments is so great that I’m now going to have other areas treated ! I initially had a course of treatments on my underarms and have since started treatments on my bikini and legs. No more shaving and waxing for me !”

Sharon – Carrick-On-Shannon
Laser Hair Removal

“I am so surprised how quick and painless the procedure was ! Hard to believe a few tiny injections has eliminated the terrible frown that I was unable to control, which always made me look angry, even when I wasn’t.”

Stephanie – Enfield
Anti-Wrinkle Injections

“Having regular peels is just part of my skin care regime… and they help me to always look my best. My skin just glows after having a microdermabrasion and peel… it feels so smooth, soft and fresh!”

Karen – Delvin Co. Westmeath
Skin Peels

“My wife arranged a free consultation for me at The Laser and Skin Clinic to see what treatments they could offer me for the spider veins on my face. I work outside and have seen these veins develop all over my cheeks over the past few years. They explained all about the treatment and how their full medical grade laser would successfully remove the veins. I had 4 treatments and after the treatments with the laser the veins were gone. I can’t believe the results, huge difference. My wife was so impressed with the results she has gone in for treatments herself.”

Sean – Oldcastle
Facial Veins

“Although I have always been conscious of protecting my face and used sunscreens throughout the year, I had neglected my hands. Being a keen gardener my hands have been exposed to the sun and the environment and over the last couple of years I can see the result. I have had brown / liver spots develop and was very self conscious about them, I felt I had hands of a woman 20 years older than me. Over a cuppa with a friend I mentioned how much I disliked how aged my hands were looking and she suggested a visit to The Laser and Skin Clinic. The staff were so nice and explained how the laser treatment would work and also how I could help protect my hands in the future which I found very interesting. I had 3 treatments in total and am extremely happy with the results. I can’t believe how easy it was.”

Maureen – Longford
Ageing Hands

“I wanted to try something new rather than my usual facial with more rejuvenation so i decided to give Dermaroller a go!I was given a cream to numb my face before my treatment so i didn’t feel anything.The nurse treated my full face with roller which took about 30 minutes. After the treatment my skin was pink and felt like a sunburn for few hours.Its been 4 weeks since my treatment and my skin looks great. People have commented on how well i look. I am booked in for my second treatment so can’t wait.”

Mary – Mullingar

“I had been considering treatments for my lines around my mouth so i was given a few options from fillers to laser treatments. I decided to have the fillers because they are instant and am so happy with the result. The lines are much softer and i only had a little bruising that went after few days. I might try laser next year!! Thanks again for all yor advice.”

Veronica – Meath
Dermal Fillers

“I’ve had acne scarring as long as i can remember. I researched the internet for the latest technology and found the Active-Deep Fx Laser which is the best for results in just one treatment. I’ve had my treatment a few weeks ago and can see the results already even though they said it will improve up to 6 mths.It has given me more confidence and look forward to the final results!!”

John – Offaly
Active-Deep Fx

“I love my facials but had heard so much about laser rejuvenation for lines, pores and a healthy glow so I gave the Affirm Laser Rejuvenation a go! Can’t believe in one treatment the difference. It tightens the skin also so will be booking in for another soon. I was able to go back work next day with makeup so no real downtime.”

Susan – Mullingar
Affirm Laser Rejuvenation

“Had mesotherapy injections for lines under my eyes. Didn’t feel any pain, just puffy for few days. Finished my course of three sessions and am thrilled! My skin looks hydrated..and it lasts 18 months!”

Jackie – Mullingar

“I had been looking for a treatment to treat my skin on the upper and lower eyes to improve the lines and loose skin. I decided on a new treatment called my cells where a sample of my blood is taken and put through a process where all the healthy cells are injected back into my skin around my eyes to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate the skin. I had my injections 6 weeks ago now and can see the improvement which will continue for the next 6 weeks!! I had no recovery really, just puffy for a day or so..no bruising so will consider another treatment in a few months. Thank you.”

Monica – Dublin
MyCells PRP

“I noticed my jawline and mouth area beginning to sag a bit so i went for radiofrequency to tighten the area. I had a course of 4 treatments on the Reaction with no need to take time off and am very pleased with the result, although its not instant over the course which took 5 months i will now hold off on the facelift!”

Sheila – Dublin
Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

“I had a course of Dermapen treatments to treat acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. It wasn’t painful at all as the nurse applied numbing cream before treatment. After each treatment my skin was pink, it just looked like I had mild sunburn and returned to normal within 1-2 days. I was aware that the results wouldn’t be instant but three months after completing the course I have noticed a huge improvement in my acne scars! I have so much more confidence now and I’m so grateful to all the staff at The Laser and Skin Clinic! Thanks again”

Ray – Dundrum

“I was really happy with my look after the wrinkle injection treatment. It was very subtle and gave me a fresh younger appearance. The clinic has a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff made me feel really comfortable. The doctor explained the procedure thoroughly and I felt they were really interested in me and what I wanted to achieve.”

Alma – Dublin
Anti-Wrinkle Injections

“Previously I was very self-conscious about my premature lines and sun damaged skin. The Laser and Skin Clinic’s advice was perfect and the treatment was painless. The results are fantastic and I can’t believe the effect The Laser and Skin Clinic has had on my self esteem. I was surprised at how much more relaxed and confident I feel. The team at The Laser and Skin Clinic are professional, sincere and assuring. Thanks again. Maire”

Maire – Longford
Sun Damage

“The motivation for coming to see you was that a friend always looked so relaxed and youthful. After speaking to her about her anti-wrinkle injections I decided to call and book a free consultation even though I still had some worries about the treatment. After booking in I have to say, I was very impressed with your professionalism; the confirmation of appointment time, the ability of your staff to be honest, sincere and empathetic when calming any fears I had. I decided to go ahead with the anti-wrinkle treatment for one area, around the eyes or crow’s feet as they are called. The doctor at The Laser and Skin Clinic was first so natural and knowledgeable and instantly put me at ease. I was astounded at the difference it has made in minimising the premature wrinkles and lines on my face. I wish I had done it earlier. I cannot tell you the number of comments people have made about how relaxed and well I look. I feel more confident and less stressed. Thank you for your care, attention and good client care. Regards”

Michelle – Louth
Anti-Wrinkle Injections

“I’m hugely impressed with the service I have received at The Laser and Skin Clinic. I was never treated with so much care and attention as I was at your clinic so much so I travel over to Dublin to have my treatments since relocating to London over a year ago. At other clinics I was never asked to return for a follow up treatment/check-up and this is what makes all the difference when it comes to customer service. My first contact with The Laser and Skin Clinic over the phone was amazing. They were very understanding and extremely helpful with my enquiries. At my first visit, it was like I knew the nurse Anna for a long time, I felt so comfortable! They made me feel like I was the only client at The Laser and Skin Clinic. I cannot thank them enough for all their help in making me look more beautiful than ever and most of all, feel comfortable with whom I am. My sincerely gratitude”

Georgina – London
Dermal Fillers & Laser Rejuvenation Treatments

“Following my discovery of the team at The Laser and Skin Clinic and treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, platelet rich plasma, biomimetic mesotherapy and lasering later, my skin and overall youthful appearance has undergone a transformation for the better. Ladies, get in to see these miracle workers!!!! The Active Fx laser resurfacing removed sun damage spots, reduced pores and acne scarring plus lifted jowls and jawline to a significant degree. For me at 45 and unwilling to commit to a face lift, The Laser and Skin Clinic has provided me with a viable alternative to maintaining attractive skin and volume. Customer service with a ready smile is provided by the team at The Laser and Skin Clinic and I have always felt welcomed and important… looking forward to an on-going relationship with this team who turn back the clock!!!!”

Karen – Wicklow
Acne scarring, pigmentation, anti-ageing treatments

“The staff at The Laser and Skin Clinic are always so friendly and professional, and I’m thrilled to have found you. Everyone that has treated me has been the ultimate professional, giving me all relevant information and clarity regarding any new procedures. My only regret is that I didn’t find you earlier… no one needs hairy underarms for so long! Thanks again.”

Cathy R – Galway
Laser Hair Removal

“At 30 years old I never really had considered wrinkle prevention injections until someone told me I looked older than my partner. Now they think my partner is older than me! I love the dermal fillers, too. My cheeks look amazing – I will be back for more. It’s not painful and the results are instant.”

Bronagh – Dublin
Anti-wrinkle Injections

“I just wanted to write a quick email to thank everyone at The Laser and Skin Clinic. Also a special thank you the nurse – Anna for all your help. Four weeks have passed from the biomimetic treatment for stretch marks on my abdomen and I am feeling great!! I can now look at myself in the mirror again with confidence and can’t wait to get out there and buy some new bikinis for my holiday in July. I think my end results will be even better than my original expectations which I’m extremely happy about! I can’t thank you enough. Thanks Again. Sharon”

Sharon – Rathfarnham, Dublin
Biomimetic Mesotherapy

“From the moment I stepped into The Laser and Skin Clinic I felt like a queen. The wrinkle and dermal filler treatments were given in a very caring and professional manner and the results were wonderful. I would recommend these treatments to all older women who want to look and feel younger – I have so much get up and go now!”

Mary – Athlone
Dermal Fillers

“The Laser and Skin Clinic has made the image in my head a reality. I’m over the moon with the results from the dermal filler treatment to smooth out the bump on my nose, I no longer want to shy away from the camera. From my very first encounter with The Laser and Skin Clinic team, my experience has been a wonderful one. I always walk away feeling beautiful and confident and have always felt comfortable and safe in their hands. What more could you ask for?!”

Jan – South Dublin
Non-surgical Nose Reshaping

“I had the O2 Image Facial the week before my wedding and just wanted to say how well my skin looked and felt after the treatment. Everyone said my skin was glowing. Big thank you to the team at the Mullingar Clinic. I also love the GloMinerals make up! I will be recommending you to all my friends and family.”

Olivia – Mullingar, Co.Westmeath
O2 Facial

“I just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on your outstanding customer service in the Baggot Street branch. The staff are friendly, professional and well informed. I never once felt nervous about attending my appointment and feel the staff are a testament to a great clinic. So many times I have been to beauticians and other clinics where the staff give out, criticise or try to force the latest product on me. I had my last appointment yesterday but wish you every success in the future. Best Wishes, Maeve”

Maeve – Dublin