ZO Skin Health

Almost three decades ago Dr. Zein Obagi invented the original Obagi Nu-Derm® system. He redefined skin care to include the concept of creating and maintaining healthy skin instead of only treating skin disease. This new philosophy led to the development of some of the most widely recognised skin care products and solutions recommended by medical practitioners with ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical products.

Effective Skin Health Redefined

In 2007, under the guidance of Dr. Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Inc. introduced innovative results-oriented skin health solutions to treat everyone seeking healthier skin on a daily basis. ZO Skin Health is a world-class developer of comprehensive products and specific regimens that address your unique skincare goals.

ZO Skin Health Daily and Preventative Skincare

A comprehensive array of products maintain the results of therapeutic treatments and support daily skin health and protection from the environment.

Every Patient. Every Age. Every Stage.

ZO Skin Health provides results-oriented therapies tailored to meet your specific needs. Delivering clinically proven results, these solutions maintain healthy skin that is strong, smooth and firm, evenly toned, and fully hydrated.

The ZO® Definition of Truly Healthy Skin

  • Smooth
  • Strong
  • Firm
  • Even toned
  • Hydrated

To find out how ZO® Skincare products can benefit your skin call us today to arrange your consultation at one of our award winning skin clinics in Dublin, Mullingar and Athlone.

If you’re not getting results with your current skin care products, simply book your consultation today and our skin specialists can advice you on the best products to achieve the best results for your skin.

Science behind ZO...

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