Cherry Angiomas

Cherry Angiomas are common skin growths that can grow on most areas of your body. Also known as Campbell de Morgan Spots, they are small, benign spots made up of clusters of capillaries which appear at the surface of the skin.

They range in colour from bright red to purple most often appear on the face, lips, chest or body as result of tiny capillaries at the skin’s surface clustering together and dilating.

This type of skin growth is typically not a cause for concern unless it bleeds often or changes in size, shape, or colour. Talk to your doctor if you notice any changes in appearance or bleeding; these could be symptoms of skin cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

At The Laser and Skin Clinic a single laser treatment can effectively treat Cherry Angiomas spots where multiple lesions can be treated at the same time. See Laser Vein Removal treatment for more information

Normally 1-2 treatments are effective to remove completely.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

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