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Here at Laser + Skin Clinics, we treat vascular skin concerns such as facial veins, commonly referred to as spider veins, thread veins and broken capillaries with Medical Grade Laser Vein Removal treatment.

Over 2-4 weeks post Laser Vein Removal treatment, veins will fade. Each individual case is different, and results depend on a variety of factors. Thread veins/spider veins treated do not reappear. However, new vessels may appear on the surface, which can be treated. Protecting the skin from the sun and free radical damage by using a UVA UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen and antioxidant Vitamin C is an essential part of helping to prevent new facial veins and spider veins from forming.

Visit our Skin Studio online and in-store to shop the most advanced professional skin care products designed to improve skin’s health by treating current skin ailments and preventing future skin conditions.

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