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There are many forms of laser systems available. However, only specific wavelengths are ideal for treating melasma.

At Laser + Skin Clinics, we use ActiveFX Laser Resurfacing to help clear signs of melasma and other hyperpigmentation issues, as it can treat deeper pigment concerns. Lasers work by irradiating the skin to target and eliminate the organelles (within skin cells) containing the melanin, also known as melanosomes. Once these melanosomes are destroyed, the body removes the remains through a shedding process. Typically, there is a brief period where the skin becomes hypopigmented and appears lighter than normal. This is then followed by the re-pigmentation phase, where the skin tone is restored.

Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition and the skin type. Normally, 1-3 treatments are required to reduce melasma effectively. During your consultation, you will receive an individual and truly bespoke plan, which will act as your blueprint on your aesthetic journey with us at Laser + Skin Clinics. We will select the most advanced treatments to ensure optimal results, leaving you looking and feeling full of confidence.

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