Non Surgical Nose Reshaping

Areas of Concern

  • Nose to mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Mouth to Chin (marionette lines)
  • Nose Reshaping
  • Bunny Lines

Nose Reshaping

The human nose takes on various shapes and sizes depending on cultural background, genetics and any injury or fractures. Some people may be blessed with the prefect structure whist others desperately yearn for a change.

Non-surgical nose jobs are a new and exciting alternative available to clients interested in improving the shape of their nose without undergoing invasive surgery. The recent improvements in safe and effective injectable dermal fillers and research into advanced techniques means they can now be used on the nose to:

  • Smooth out bumps
  • Raise the bridge of the nose
  • Correct the appearance of mild deviation
  • Refine the shape or increase the projection of the tip of the nose
  • Correct imperfections and irregularities following injury of previous rhinoplasty

The beauty of choosing to reshape your nose without surgery is that the process is extremely quick and almost painless. You can get a new nose in a matter of minutes, without the risk of general anesthetic, long term swelling, and nose bleeds which are typically associated with surgical rhinoplasties.

The effects of the procedure will last 1-2 years depending on the dermal fillers used and repeat treatments will be required to maintain the results. See Dermal Fillers for more information.

Unfortunately, those with major nasal deformities and those who are looking to significantly reduce the size of their nose are not candidates for the non-invasive nose job. For these clients, surgical intervention is necessary.

Nose to mouth lines

Also referred to as nasolabial folds, are considered perhaps the most prominent sign of ageing – these are the folds that run from the side of your nose to the corners of your mouth. They usually appear when people are in their 30s or early 40s, and over the years as the mid facial skin begins to fold over the lower portion of your face, these expression lines deepen to become more noticeable.

As they are one of the first visible signs of ageing, the nasolabial folds are one of the first areas people seek facial rejuvenation procedures for, and luckily for us there is a quick and easy treatment to improve the appearance. Dermal Fillers are injected directly into the creases with fine needles to lift the skin out of the creases and re-create a firm more youthful foundation under the skin.

See Dermal Fillers for more information.

Mouth to Chin

The fine lines and deep creases around our mouth are among the ones we tend to notice first and they can also the ones that other people are most likely to notice as people tend to watch our mouth as we speak. Dermal Fillers can assist in restoring lost volume to this area.

Marionette Lines, aptly named as they resemble the mouth of a marionette puppet, are the lines that run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin and are a normal consequence of skin that eventually sags with age. These lines are typically associated with the very elderly so having them any earlier can make you look old well before your time.

Fortunately, however, these marionette lines can be treated with non-invasive, safe and effective dermal fillers. At The Laser and Skin Clinic we’ll help reset the clock for a fresher, younger-looking you.

See Dermal Fillers for more information.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are the wrinkles at the top of your nose caused by overactive facial muscles on the sides of the nose. Fortunately, these lines can be softened or eliminated safely and quickly with the skilled use of Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

See Anti-Wrinkle Injections for more information.

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