Venous Lake Treatment

A venous lake is a small blood vessel (vein) in the skin, which over time has become enlarged. It can be recognised as a soft dark blue to purple spot which can measure up to 1 cm in size which is most commonly found on lip borders. This is thought to be due to sun exposure resulting in a dilated blood vessel. These lesions can be safely and effectively treated using laser treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is thought that long-term sun exposure of the skin can cause a venous lake. It is usually seen in people older than 50. They are more common in men than in women.

Venous lake are common and may affect more than one member of a family, but are not inherited. They are not contagious or cancerous.

Usually, venous lakes do not cause any symptoms. However, after they have been knocked or caught, they may become painful or bleed.

A venous lake is a little blue bleb (small soft lump) of up to 1cm diameter, which may be flat or slightly dome-shaped.

Normally 1-2 laser vein removal treatments using Cynosure’s Yag Laser are effective to remove completely.

Daily sunscreen protection is the best way to prevent new lesions.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

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