Viora Reaction Body Contouring

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Viora Reaction Body Contouring

 Skin Conditions Treated

  • Cellulite
  • Circumferential Reduction

About the treatment

The Reaction by Viora aesthetic system is one of the world’s leading medical systems for skin tightening & body contouring.

Reaction™ offers maximum treatment control and the consistent penetration of heat using CORE™ technology which incorporates multi-channel radiofrequency with vacuum therapy to initiate three different processes: deep tissue heating, mechanical stretch & mechanical massage. Each of CORE™’s four treatment modes applies a specific frequency that targets different tissue depths from superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis.

The application of radiofrequency energy to the dermis and subcutaneous layers deploys heat to underlying tissues to:

  • Increase diffusivity of oxygen released by blood cells and cell metabolism.
  • Break down rigid collagen cross links, increase skin elasticity and improve skin texture.

The increased temperature to the treatment area facilitates the breakdown of stored energy (triglycerides) in the fat cell and when released, they result in the shrinkage of the fat cell volume. Along with the benefits of an effective cellulite treatment, the deep heating of subcutaneous tissue initiates a mechanical stretch in the skin caused by electrical pulses released from the Radiofrequency electrodes. This action enhances gene expression and stimulates fibroblasts to enhance collagen secretion and improves the elasticity of the septae, resulting in a significant skin tightening effect!

Finally, the addition of mechanical vacuum therapy further intensifies the treatment by facilitating deeper penetration of heat to sub-dermal tissue as well as increases local blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. The result is a minimised appearance of lumpy skin, improved skin texture and a reduction in circumference. The selection of a specific radiofrequency mode according to the treated body site and the customisation of radiofrequency and vacuum intensity levels ensure the most accurate treatment every time.

The benefits of Reaction™ Radiofrequency Aesthetic System include:

  • FDA clearance & clinically proven
  • Market-leading technology
  • Safe and non-invasive treatment
  • Fast treatment time with visible results
  • Exceptional, visible improvement in skin tightening treatments
  • No reported discomfort during or post treatment.
  • No associated adverse effects recorded
  • Medical aesthetic professionals worldwide have chosen the Reaction System for its superior performance and life changing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reaction is the only aesthetic system to incorporate variable frequency technology, also cleared by the FDA. CORE features 3 distinct RF modes and a unique multi-channel mode that applies all 3 frequencies simultaneously, offering the client a wide range of treatment benefits in one treatment. The combination of three penetration depths allows for deeper dermal heating, broader penetration and precise targeting for superior treatment accuracy and efficacy.

Body contouring treatments require 20-30 minute sessions.

There is absolutely no downtime. Patients can return to their daily routine immediately after the session.

No side effects are involved. The Reaction™ system is simple and completely safe to use and was designed with maximum comfort in mind. Skin temperature evaluations are performed at every phase during the treatment and the skin tightening procedure is built with an integrated cooling system.

Viora Reaction at The Laser and Skin Clinic