Google is a wonderful thing- if you search for the best way to lose your double chin, you will find hundreds of articles on diet and exercise tips and facial exercises to do at home, from blowing balloons to kissing the ceiling. While none of these are wrong, you may have realised that your double chin seems to be resisting every remedy in the book.  So what do you do when no amount of dieting and facial yoga can fix your problem?

Research shows that there are multiple factors that contribute to a chin fat which is a stubborn pocket of fat stored under the chin. These include:

  • Age – From the age of 25 onwards we produce 1% less collagen in our skin each year. This leads to laxity in the skin and with the weight of the fat pocket the skin starts to droop.
  • Genetics – in our teenage years our fat cells are distributed throughout our body. They are not always distributed evenly, which is why sometimes even at our skinniest we can still find little bulges here and there, despite the fact that we are eating healthy and exercising. Sometimes people can find that at their lowest weight they still have unwanted chin and neck fat.

Fortunately, technology has advanced in this area and there are non-invasive ways of losing your double chin without having to have liposuction. One treatment we have seen outstanding results with at our clinics is called CoolSculpting –  an FDA approved non-surgical fat-freezing treatment to permanently reduce excess pockets of fat in stubborn areas that resist the efforts of diet and exercise. This procedure can treat your double chin in just 45 minutes.

Fun fact of the day: Except for in cases of extreme obesity we do not reproduce fat cells in our body. We are born with a certain amount and we die with the same amount. Our fat cells are like little balloons and as we lose and gain weight they either expand (with weight gain) or contract (with weight loss). We never make more! This is how CoolSculpting can permanently reduce your double chin because once they freeze that fat, it’s never coming back.


How does it work? Okay, so the applicator gets to a temperature of -11 degrees. A vacuum suction draws that stubborn fat pocket away from the heat of your body and cools the skin for 35 minutes which is clinically proven to crystallise and destroy the fat cells in the area by 20-25% in one treatment. Over the next 12 weeks, your body will naturally remove those destroyed fat cells as waste. As they are being removed so is your double chin, resulting in a more sculpted jawline for you in just 12 weeks.

Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, prices and treatments recommended will vary depending on the size of the fat pocket, size of the jawline etc. so it is always recommended to go for a consultation with a CoolSculpting Specialist prior to treatment.


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