Here are the best pre-wedding treatments to get before the big day!

Congratulations! You’re a bride-to-be and can’t wait until the big day. Among all the organising and preparation beforehand, be sure to remember the most important thing: you! At The Laser and Skin Clinic, we offer a range of pre-wedding treatments that you can get in the months leading up to your wedding, to give you the best skin possible and help you to feel amazing as a new bride!

1. Laser Hair Removal

Smooth legs and underarms are of ultimate importance when wearing a wedding dress! Not only will your legs look amazing, but your confidence will shine through as a result!

We use Cynosure Elite Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal to solve the problem of ingrown and unwanted hair for both men and women. Cynosure Elite Laser is one of the most advanced and effective laser hair removal technologies, giving clients permanent laser hair removal solutions and treating all skin types safely. We also use the smart cool system for the ultimate patient comfort.

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2. PRP (The Vampire Facelift)

This treatment has been hailed as a staff favourite and has been received as part of wedding prep in our clinics in the past! Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the most natural and safest yet effective treatments available on the aesthetic market right now to rejuvenate the skin especially the under eye area as facial and body areas. The Vampire Facial works by using your own platelet cells from a portion of your own blood, rich in growth factors and stem cells to regenerate and remodel the skin naturally increasing elasticity and collagen production. The treatment re-plumps and rejuvenates the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles to create a youthful, radiant glow.

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3. Skin Peels

The Laser and Skin Clinic offers a range of Skin Peels for a number of concerns, such as acne, fine lines/wrinkles, sun spots and more! Whether you want to completely renew your skin or simply give it a moisture boost, we recommend a course of skin peels for optimal visible results. So do ensure you allow enough time between your first appointment and your wedding day when booking a course of skin peel treatments with us!

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4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a very quick and painless treatment that has always been very popular in our clinics. It is a deep exfoliation treatment that uses a vacuum to disperse micro-crystals across the surface of the skin, removing the layer of dead and shedding skin cells. This reveals a layer of new, softer skin underneath and allows your natural glow to shine through! We use numbing cream to ensure patient comfort during the treatment and it is so quick you can get it during your lunch break! This treatment offers instant results with no downtime.

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5. Laser Rejuvenation

Exclusive treatment alert! The Affirm Laser Rejuvenation Treatment is available only at The Laser and Skin Clinic. It treats skin conditions such as fine lines/wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, enlarged pores and more! It provides an overall rejuvenation effect by using 2 lasers and 2 different strengths simultaneously to achieve superficial and deep thermal heat. This rejuvenates the top layer to treat fine lines and pores, while also targeting deeper layers to encourage collagen production. This treatment also has minimal downtime of 24-48 hours!

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If you are interested in any of these pre-wedding treatments, call one of our clinics below to arrange a consultation. A trained therapist will help you to get the most from your skin treatments!

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