Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sick of unsightly spider veins? You are most certainly not alone! In fact, about 80% of women out there also suffer with Spider Veins on their legs. For many women, it comes down to genetics. For others, things like pregnancy, prolonged standing periods in work, or surgery can onset these pesky veins appearing. 


The problem…

Ugly Spider Veins

Telangiectasias, more commonly known as Spider Veins or Thread Veins, are simply dilated capillaries less than 2mm in size. They have a blue-red colour and lie close to the surface of the skin, usually in a line or web pattern. Once you can see these spider veins, the veins themselves have actually stopped working properly to bring blood back to your heart. Because the vein’s valve function is now ineffective, treatment for Spider Veins is totally safe.


The treatment…

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosing agent into the veins, breaking down the vein wall, diminishing and eliminating their appearance. The treatment is quick, safe, and patients report minimal discomfort. Depending on the size and severity of the Spider Veins, most require 4-6 treatments at 6-12 week intervals.

Before & After


So don’t get down about unsightly Spider Veins on your legs.

Get your confidence back, and get those legs out!

For more information about the treatment see > Sclerotherapy Treatment or call The Laser and Skin Clinic to book your Sclerotherapy Consultation at Dublin 016766527, Mullingar 0449347800, Athlone 0906498839

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